Metatrader History Center not showing all data

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Metatrader History Center not showing all data

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Hi there,

i downloaded the latest software of "Tickstory Lite" from and trying to get historical tick data exported to my MT4 installation.

I am using a fresh install of MetaTrader 4.0 build 1335.

After i downloaded the data (GBP/USD all timeframes for last 365 days) i then exported to the MT4 installation by following the general documentation here.

However i am not possible to see this data beein imported correctly to MT4. On The History Center of MT4 it is still showing wrong data and scroling the chart i am only able to go back to March 2021. So obviously something is not correct.

Further it also isn´t showing the "Tick" Option to me opening the MT4 Strategy Tester.

I also tried deleting all past data from the "history" folder of the MT4 install, disconnected from the broker, exported again. Tickstory seems to export the data correct as the exported .hst files are there after doing so but somehow i can´t get it working inside MT4.

What to do here?

This is the content of "history\Alpari-ECN-Demo" after exported GBP/USD last year data from TickStory Lite.
This is how MT4 looks having Strategy Tester opened
MT4 Strategy Tester
MT4 Strategy Tester
This is how MT4 History Center looks after the export. It is only showing M1 data from today (25.05.21) until 19.03.2021.

Maybe the exported data only becomes visible/useable in the Strategy Tester if running a backtest and what the MT4 History Center is showing is irrelevant here? But then also why is it now showing the extra TickStory Options on the Strategy Tester Panel like that "Tick" select field.

thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: Metatrader History Center not showing all data

Post by tickstory »

Hi Xplsive,

First of all, could you please make sure that in your Metatrader Tools->Options->Charts, that you set the values of "Max bars in history" and "Max bars in chart" to the maximum value by entering '999999999999' (it will automatically adjust to the maximum value that MT4 supports). After that, please check your Metatrader Tools->History Center->GBPUSD->M1 and see if the dates you exported are all there.

You can also see what history is available by going to File->Open offline and browsing the list of historical data available (including tick data) and the dates that are in the database.

Hope this helps.

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