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Various types of Renko backtesting is a must-have feature

Posted: Thu May 13, 2021 8:27 pm
by Unicorn_Madness
Hi Guys,

I must be frank. I had long forgotten about Tickstory, but the email about a new version coming up reminded me of it.
I had moved onto a competitor in the past and ended up forgetting about Tickstory. I'm trying to be frank/open as possible as I believe that is the only way to help as good as possible. I like Tickstory to succeed... I think competition is a good thing...

Another product allows for backtesting EA's with Renko bars and 99% tick modelling quality. It allows for Renko-bars with wicks and without wicks.
However, there are various types of Renko bars. I always refer to this website of a Renko indicator: ... tatrader-4

I genuinely hope Tickstory will implement such feature as well.i.e. 1) Creating 99% tick modelling quality Renko bars, with and without wicks and 2) various types of Renko bars (as per shown in the previous link). I do know a competing firm is already working on something like this.

For marketing purposes I suggest Tickstory to also create / give away a Renko-bar creator indicator, such as the one sold shown in the link above. (I got that indicator and love it). But for people who don't have such Renko-bar indicator (for live trading), they would get the entire package with Tickstory.

I do love the idea of a Walk-Forward Analyzer in the new upcoming product.
If I may give you some suggestions: Give QuantAnalyzer a look and strip it completely down to 2-5 bare minimum but most usefull features and add those to your product, for the purpose of analyzing back-test results. You would be one step ahead of competition.

Wishing you guys all the best...

Re: Various types of Renko backtesting is a must-have feature

Posted: Fri May 14, 2021 1:12 pm
by tickstory
Hi UM,

Thanks for your feedback - glad to see you back ;)

We've put your suggestions on our TODO list. Renko has definitely been on the radar for some time. We are just trying to prioritize a number of features that our users have been asking for (hence the Advanced Tester module). If anyone would like to pitch in about Renko (we've had a few requests about it), then that will give us a good idea of where to put it on our list.

If you have some specific back-test/analysis functions that would interest you, we could also put this out for a vote.

Please let us know.


Re: Various types of Renko backtesting is a must-have feature

Posted: Sat May 15, 2021 4:00 pm
by Unicorn_Madness
2 features of QuantAnalyzer I without exception use every time I need to analyze a backtest report to find the right setting, times/days/hours to trade are the following:


QuantAnalyzer allows you to import backtest reports and show certain information (statistics) about the winning and losing trades. i.e. what time the winning trades were opened, what day of the week, etc. So, if you happen to have a bad backtest in MT4 you can pull it through QuantAnalyzer to suddenly notice that had only 1 specific day or time of a certain day be traded, the trading strategy would actually work. So, it helps finding out what the best use of a certain trading strategy is. A regular backtest graph in MT4 does not show such detailed information. When I started out years ago with trading I used to throw away strategies found by MT4 that seemed to show bad results. :lol:
I don't use MT5 but I think I've seen it have some feature like this reporting certain statistics in graphs.

This is maybe under the radar, but one of the easiest but most useful features. It allows one to select at the bottom of the screen which performance metric of a strategy/backtest you want to be shown on the screen/list and than you can click on the name of the performance metric to have all the strategies in the list get ranked in increasing or decreasing order. makes it easy to find strategies with great performance metrics.
Feature suggestion.jpg



This feature allows one to create specific backtest reports out of an existing one. If you want to create a backtest report that only shows trades taken on Mondays and Tuesdays and perhaps even only specific hours, it will create such report. Once you did that to several trading strategies, you can merge those custom backtest reports (ie potential portfolio of trading strategies) and see in one graph how that portfolio would have done.
Feature suggestion 2.jpg
Again, I already have these software anyhow. But I am trying to give you some ideas to improve the product.
Now,... a good feature is meaningless if people have no idea how to use it and what to use it for. So proper marketing/user guides/tutorials are important, if not essential.

Since I have QuantAnalyzer I don't care about the features above, but am just sharing since you asked. I hope it helps.
I personally care more about various Renko type bricks being available to test with 99% modelling quality.

...and good luck with releasing the new version...!

Re: Various types of Renko backtesting is a must-have feature

Posted: Sun May 16, 2021 11:18 pm
by tickstory
Great stuff, UM - appreciate your helpful feedback!
We'll look at Renko ahead of the other items you mention.

Kind regards.